USB Charger Devices

New USB Charging Outlet for Digital Devices

Upgrade your home or office outlets with the new USB Charging Outlets from Leviton. The 2-port combination outlet allows for charging of up to two devices and use of the 120 volt outlet. Available in standard colors and fits decorator type covers.

Leviton’s USB Charger Devices feature a smart chip that recognizes and optimizes the charging power of your electronic devices for fast and efficient charging. Strategically placed vertical USB Ports in all models provide generous room to insert and maneuver charging cords and add to the contemporary and aesthetically appealing design. Plus, adapter-free charging eliminates unsightly clutter contributing to a neat appearance on countertops, desktops or wherever you choose to charge. Engineered for compatibility with the latest technology, Leviton USB Charger Devices are designed to charge tablets, smart and mobile phones, gaming devices, e-readers, digital cameras and a host of other electronic devices.

Also available is the 4-port USB charger. Read more about them in Leviton Product Brochure.

Contact David or James for more information on installation of these outlets.



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