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Electrical Services

Complete electrical services by master electricians to meet all your residential and commercial needs. We will provide all materials and labor as required.

Residential Services

  • New electrical system start to finish for new construction or remodeling projects.
  • Add new circuits.
  • Repair wiring, replace circuit breakers.
  • Complete rewiring of older houses to upgrade wiring, add circuits, install new outlets, replace old fuse boxes with new service panel, and upgrade meter panel to meet utility company requirements.
  • Install new or repair existing meter sockets. We will work with the utility company to restore power.
  • Installation or repair of electrical service panel, add or replace breakers rated for the electrical circuit.
  • Obtain any electrical permits required.
  • Underground wiring if needed, trenching is sub-contracted.

Commerical and Farm Services

  • New electrical system start to finish for new construction or additions.
  • Installation of service transformer, connection of secondary side wiring from transformer to distribution panel.
  • Underground wiring if needed, trenching is sub-contracted.
  • Diagnostic and repair of electrical system failures.
  • Grain bin systems, repair and installation.
  • Wiring for outbuildings.
  • Obtain any electrical permits required.


Heating and Cooling Services

Certified HVAC technicians to repair your existing heating and air cooling system or install new system.

Residential Services

  • Complete furnace and air conditioning system installation including all electrical and plumbing.
  • Installation of ductwork.
  • Furnace inspections
  • Natural gas and propane gas plumbing and hookup.
  • Leak testing of gas systems
  • Filter replacement
  • Diagnosis and repair of heating system. We services all types of heating systems and brands.
  • Retrofit central air conditioning system into existing furnace system.
  • Diagnosis and repair of cooling systems. We service all types of cooling systems and brands.
  • Installation of window air conditioners.
  • Annual inspection and maintenance of outside air conditioning unit.

Commerical and Farm Services

  • Similar services as listed above for residential buildings.
  • Repair of commercial refrigerant systems for coolers and freezers for food industry.
  • Grain bin dryer systems, repair and installation.
  • We will do our best to minimize disruptions to your business or customers.
  • Emergency services available.

Water Heaters

Install and service water heaters.

  • Installation of tankless water heaters the utilize new and efficient technology.
  • Service all types of water heaters.

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