Standby Generators

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What is Standby Generator?

A standby or emergency generator can be used to provide power to your home or business during a power outage. The generator system includes a sensor to detect when utility power is lost and tells the generator to turn on.

Loss of power can occur due to a number of reasons ranging from thunderstorms, ice storms, transformer failure, problem at substation, or other unplanned events. While power losses may only occur 2-3 times a year, it is important to be prepared to protect your family and home from extended power outages. With a standby generator in place your activities can continue uninterrupted.

How does a Standby Generator Work?

The generator consists of a fuel powered motor, generally natural gas or propane, that spins a generator to produce electricity. Special electrical switches and control devices are used to route the electricity to your desired lights, outlets, AC unit, and appliances.

Selecting a Generator For Your Needs

Your standby generator is designed to produce the amount of power you need. When selecting a generator you will need to decide what items you want to operate. A small size generator can be used to provide power to essential items (such as heater, lights, sump pump, etc.) while a larger size generator may be able to provide power to the entire home or business. Click here for more information on generator sizes.

An interactive selection guide is available at Briggs & Stratton to help you select the size of generator that works best for you.

Where to Buy

McGill’s Repair is your Centerville Area dealer for Briggs & Stratton generators.  We provide complete installation packages.  Please contact us for free quote.

Special financing may be available from Briggs & Stratton. See offers here.


1. Why do I need a standby generator?

A backup source of power can provide peace of mind and protection against damage caused by freezing of water pipes or loss of frozen foods. The standby generator is activated automatically so you do not need to be home; and if you are not home you have peace of mind that your home is safe.

2. How long does it take after power outage for generator power to come on?

The standby generator is designed to automatically start within seconds of power loss.

3. Does the generator need to be installed near the electrical service?

The generator will need to be connected into the electrical service, however location near the service is not critical. McGill’s Repair will work with you to find a suitable location for your unit.


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